Message from Alex Garcia (Deafblind Person and disability organization leader of Brazil)

Alex Garcia – My steps at university!
Brothers and sisters!
Lately, I have been receiving many questions about my education, my steps at university. Talking about my steps at university is also reflecting on the development of my identity so I decided to write a summary. I highlight that this question is part of the series of reflections I have developed a lot in Brazil as well as in other countries. Please, read carefully.  I invite you all to go deep in this summary because its potential is endless!
Alex Garcia – My steps at university!

My intention with this approach is to promote considerations and reflections on disability from the perspective of the “power” that is our society and that moves interests. This power is the one which often closes the possibilities of developing a complete and self-sustaining identity. For us, persons with disabilities, who recognize the factual and causal relation  of power that naturally surround us take the first step in building our identity, where the metamorphic identity which is characterized by a constant move-transmit-move is the desire, the necessity.  Having a solid identity is fundamental for denying the presupposed and preconceived identity. To deny presupposition of our identity to establish the rupture with characteristics of subordination that mark our relations. The presupposed and preconceived identity minimizes citizen participation in the organization and development of public policies that do not tolerate our individuality and our consistent participation which impact on our society. Thus, the need of reflection, otherness and negation of such factors is urgent.
After writing this summary, I received a very welcome comment from my friend Laura on the importance of highlighting a reference bibliography to understand my comment in depth.
And so I share with you.
While the most important question is reflecting on our daily lives, what helped me a lot was knowing the “sharp” thinking of the French Michael Foucault who,  besides being a psychologist, a philosopher, a social theorist and a historian, wasa homosexual.
 For me, having studied Foucault was fundamental and one of the most important issues of my life.
Why was (and is) Michel Foucault so important for me?
In general, Foucault analyzes the relation between power and knowledge which results on domination or autonomy. I mean that Foucault questioned the relation between power and knowledge and how they are managed for social control through institutions.
Something essential is understanding the term “institution”. This term also means persons. Persons (individual and groups are also “institutions”).
Foucault how philosophy can help us see the areas of domination. When we see these areas more clearly, we are able to understand how we are dominated and to devise social structures that minimizes the risk of domination.
Foucault says:
"Knowledge is the only space of freedom of the Human being and we must pay attention to the details because the details individualize persons.“
These, among many other details, are an invitation for persons with disabilities to approach Foucault, insn’t it?
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