Persons with Light and Carbonative Disability

It's an uncommon disability. But rare in the world. Light is a very necessary element of this world. Carbon di oxide (CO2) is also necessary. But it make a reaction on human being. Mohamamd Hasan, a Bangladeshi person is very severely affected by the light and carbon din oxide sensitive or Light Carbonative Disability (L&CD).

Rarest Diseases or disabilities in the world, also called an orphan disease, rare diseases are those that are extremely uncommon and often have such low prevalence that a common doctor would not run into more than one case of that disease over a course of life, if ever.  Life with a rare disease can be a lonely experience.  Often, no more than about 50 people in the entire world share the same disease.  There aren’t the same resources available to these people, or an awareness of the difficulties they face. Uncommon diseases or disabilities are such as Paraneoplastic pemphigus PNP , Microcephaly, Von Hippel-Lindau VHL, Kuru, Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, Light Carbonative, Magnetic Body, Unknown fever and Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria. People with unique disabilities who contributed to world such as Albert Einstein, Christopher Reeve, David Blunkett, Thomas Edison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lord Byron, Ludwig van Beethoven, Marla Runyan, Marlee Matlin, Sarah Bernhardt, Stephen Hawkings, Sudha Chandran, Tanni Grey-Thompson.